On-Site Services KJ Electric Offers

  • Laser Alignment
  • Vibration Analysis
  • Drive Installation & Start UP
  • Energy Audits/Savings Analysis
  • Breaker Refurbishment
  • Motor & Drive Retrofits
  • Turn-Key Retrofit Services
  • Dynamic Balancing
  • Harmonic Analysis

Drive Service Program

Let our KJ Electric On-Site Service Team evaluate the condition of your Drives & Motors and perform the necessary maintenance to keep it in tip-top operational condition. in turn helping to increase the life and your return on investment(ROI).

Predictive Maintenance (pdM): to evaluate the current condition of the machinery to determine When maintenance is required.

Preventative Maintenance (PM): is a time-based maintenance function that relies on OEM recommendations or past history to routinely maintain machinery even if there are no known reasons.


Discover & Diagnose problems Including-Hot Spots

Avoid the following; outages, equipment damage, product loss, personnel Injury.

Items to Survey; Lighting panels, power distribution panels, power lines, transformers, control panels, MCC centers, motors, adjustable speeds drives, circuit breakers

Vibration Analysis

The purpose of Vibration Analysis is to locate and document machine vibrations in rotating equipment.

With these readings, we can trend the equipment and spot the problem before they; cause an outage, cause a loss of production and damage equipment.

Surveryable equipment includes; electric motors, pumps, chiller units, conveyor lines, drive-shafts, air compressors, gearboxes, and HVAC equipment.

KJ Electric technicians use; vib expert ll vibration unit by pruftechnik, and reports created using omnitrend software.

Laser Alignment

The purpose of laser alignment is to eliminate stress on equipment- especially bearings and seals on pumps & motors.

Poor alignment will directly cause several problems; making the motor work harder to drive equipment, which could cause increased amp draw. Excessive vibration due to misalignment. Decreased bearing L-10 life.

KJ Electric technicians use; hamar laser stealth series S-680 & couple 6 software.

Shaft Voltage Testing

Problems caused by shaft voltage can cause; outages, equipment damage, production loss and personnel injury.

Shaft voltage testing at KJ Electric provides; Measurements, detailed reports, solution recommendations and solution implementation.

Informational Downloads

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